donderdag 15 augustus 2013

WIP Screenshots.

This is how it looks now. Current looks based on the work done by Will Thimbleby. This will change later.

Currently each monster and player starts with a body composed of a tree structure of bodyparts.
As you can see here. The torso supplies slots for the arms, legs, head and tail slots. All of which are filled, except the tail slot. The monster of Frankenstein did not have a tail.

Body parts from monsters can be chopped of randomly, as can yours. But that has little effect. Only different modes of attack are gained from body parts. It is possible to chop off multiple bodyparts in one go, but so far the implemented body part structures are not complicated enough for that to really be effective.

The body part system is lacking in the fun factor. I have been wondering how to make randomly swapping out of body parts fun. (And the body parts display can also use some work). There is also the problem of chopping of the head of the player. Instant game over. That is not fun.

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