zaterdag 24 augustus 2013

Week 34 - Update.

Did some more work, finally fixed some of the threading issues. It was interesting, and frustrating. Now on to fix the speed system. Did make one minor GUI improvment. Almost impossible to spot.

And I thought I had fixed the, generate mob at same spot as the player bug. Seems I did not. Added that to the bug list again. Probably related to placing groups of mobs at once.

Update: Fixed the double placement bug, and some other minor bugs. But now the BasicMonsterAI is now not providing proper move action objects to the mainloop. So none of the monsters act. Easiest. Game. Ever.

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Reacties
    1. Not dead, just dreaming. :) been busy with other projects. Including doing some cataclysm DDA work.

  2. Strange. My comment has gone. -_-
    I wrote, that this is sounds like excuse, but still looks like abandoned game.
    Good, it is just a slumber.

    1. Yeah my focus is a bit off. Sadly I can think of new game concepts and ideas a lot faster than I can implement them. Common problem I guess. Also I don't want the blog to be a talk talk only blog.

      Your comment is still there btw. I would only delete spam or 'hater' comments. So don't worry.