zaterdag 31 december 2011

It Begins.

As I always wanted to create a roguelike, and have been working a little bit on one for a long time now, it is time to at least start a little blog about it.

This is that blog. (Shock... surprise!) It is about the roguelike, FrankenRogue. Where you play a frankensteinian monster. Raised from the dead by a mad scientist, your body consisting only of stitched together rotting bodyparts, it is time to have your revenge on a world that you never asked for, nor did it ever welcome you in it.

Based on the small nameless roguelike created by Will Thimbleby. However, little of his old code now remains. His small and easy to understand roguelike has become larger and less easy to understand, but at least there is an inventory system, and other roguelike required stuff. :D

Addition of bodyparts works. Removal still has some bugs.

As this is a project still in alpha status, there have not been any releases yet. Sadly this will remain so for the future. I will try to add screenshots etc where appropriate.

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